Arty Z7 Buildroot - Part Two

Buildroot Digilent Arty-Z7 - Part 2

In our last post we went over how we can create Linux image for the Arty Z7 using buildroot. The obvious next step is to build our firmware using buildroot. However this is not something that is just available. So let’s add this to our buildroot setup!

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Arty Z7 Buildroot

Buildroot Digilent Arty-Z7

Our goal is to setup a buildroot environment which creates a bootable image for the Arty Z7 development board. We want to use as few Xilinx proprietary components (FSBL) as possible.

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Selecting a Colorspace

Choosing a color space

In image processing the choice of a color space is the first task to do. The difficulty here is the fact that content sources like images or movies all have their content defined in a color space such as RGB (not to mention sRGB and Adobe RGB), but also YCbCr - where color subsampling can be done, such that you have 4:4:4 , 4:2:2 or even 4:2:0.

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Adding Gitlab-CI support

Setup of Gitlab builder

Following our post about how to setup Gitlab with Nginx and Let’s Encrypt, we continue with our infrastructure setup by adding a Gitlab Runner. This allows us to add automated builds from repositories, build checks and testing before merge requests are acceptable,…

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Gitlab and Nginx Setup

Setup Gitlab with Nginx and Let’s Encrypt

In this post we will go through the setup of a Gitlab instance on Fedora 26. Adding some security using Let’s Encrypt certificates and disable the builtin nginx of gitlab and use our own so we can host some websites alongside the gitlab instance

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Start of a journey

What started as a wild idea a few months ago is suddenly turning into a real idea. We are starting our journey to try spread some knowledge gathered through consulting, R&D and enthousiasm. Our goal is to share as much of our technical endevours as possible be it firmware, hardware schematics or software.

Everything will or should at some point be available on Github

Intro  Goals